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  • Vine cherry tomatoes  are safe and healthy


    ‘t Woudt Nursery grows its vine cherry tomatoes in a closed growing system, which means that waste products will not be released into the environment. We also grow the tomatoes off the ground, which reduces their sensitivity to disease and makes them independent of minerals in the soil. The crop is grown according to the European Eurep-GAP standards for energy consumption, crop protection and water management, among other things.

    Biological growing

    There is permanent registration of all crop protection treatment throughout the growing process. We have opted for a biological growing method where possible, in order to guarantee food safety. Approximately 95 percent of all diseases and pests are therefore combated using their natural enemies, including ichneumon wasps, thrips predators and assassin bugs. Bumblebees fly permanently around the greenhouses during the flowering season, in order to pollinate the tomatoes.

    Hygiene requirements

    We work by the strictest hygiene standards when harvesting and packaging the vine cherry tomatoes. One of the most important guidelines is undoubtedly the UK Standard. This British hygiene guideline is very strict and is accepted as such by many countries. Our nursery cooperates in annual audits in order to be able to continue to meet norms such as the BRC-A Global-Gap Nurture and Leaf.