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    GoldenRed is the toplabel mini bunch cherry tomatoes, each bunch in this package is selected in the greenhouse. Only the very longest and perfect straight bunches of deep red fruit is harvested on GoldenRed behalf. Cherry tomatoes on the label GoldenRed are striking for their taste because of the high brix content and aroma, the deep red color ensures maximum flavor. The sweet and spicy taste of GoldenRed appeals to both kids and to the adult gourmet. GoldenRed is excellent in savory salads, but also as healthy and tasty snack. In addition, GoldenRed is particularly suitable as a garnish, a complete sprig on a dish is a nice decoration. 

    The newly introduced packings, a packaging box (1.5 kg) and a swing crate (1.3 kg), give GoldenRed the luxurious look that fits into this toplabel. Also there is a deluxe hard shell with lid (0.2 kg), four of these small packages fit into a GoldenRed box. GoldenRed is exclusively grown by and packed on-site at Plantation `t Woudt in Westland. Because of the convenient location near the major trading centers the products can be delivered very rapidly (For all packaging option, click here). The cultivation and many years of growing experience of Plantation 't Woudt ensure that GoldenRed is available year round and of a high quality.

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